A Street Loft

Location: South Boston
Client(s): Finance Professionals
Goal: Create privacy for a growing family.
Design, Product Sourcing, Project Management: Studio Verticale
Installations: Studio Verticale's sub-contractors
Overall duration: Two stages of this project were executed over a course of 2 years.

The clients initially came to us with a challenge of creating an on-demand private room/bedroom. They knew they didn't want a permanent wall separating an enclave on the left hand side of the kitchen/living area. Instead, they asked for a solution that would not be visible during the day, leaving the enclave open and would offer privacy overnight. We proposed sliding wall partitions in glass that when not needed would completely retract and sit against the wall with virtually no visibility from the common area. However, when extracted, they would complement the overall aesthetics of the loft.

As the family continued to grow and the former enclave/bedroom, created in stage 1, was converted into a nursery, the need for additional privacy became apparent. Because the clients liked the look of their nursery glass partitions, they decided to carry it into the master suite. As the result, a matching glass wall with a combination of fixed and sliding partitions was erected at the other end of the loft.

The project features:

  • Bosca Latte glass framed in anthracite aluminum Light sliding partitions.

Photo Credits: Rebecca MacPherson