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Essex Street Penthouse

Location: Financial District
Client(s): Medical & Sales Professionals
Goal: Upgrade bathroom and closet doors. Create custom kitchen pantry.
Design, Product Sourcing: Studio Verticale
Build-out & Installation: Studio Verticale's sub-contractors
Overall duration: Three-phase project over a course of 2 years.

The clients, whose residence is in a close proximity to the store, walked by every day and got enchanted with the idea of our Italian designer doors. A quick visit to their home led to the 1st phase of the project: enabling access to the upper level of the coat closet by increasing the height of the opening; adding a pair of beautiful white lacquered glass sliders in front of the closet; replacing powder room door with a matching glass swing door with a recessed aluminum jamb.

Knowing that we offer custom solutions for any area of the home, the clients returned for a 2nd phase: custom kitchen pantry that would work with the kitchen, the dining/living area, the doors, and the overall aesthetics while addressing additional storage needs of the clients.

In phase 3, a second floor master bathroom swing door was replaced with a frameless glass door with stainless steel hardware, allowing for more space inside the bathroom. The result is a modern clean look that transcends the boundaries of a mere bathroom entrance.

The project features:

  • Longhi white lacquered glass 'Wind' swing door and sliding partitions framed in anodized aluminum.
  • FEG custom pantry solution 'Frames' with frosted glass hinged doors.
  • Casali sand blasted glass slider with System hardware. 

Photo Credits: Amber Barricman