Italian Rustic in Southie

Location: South Boston
Clients: Finance professional
Goal: Complete aesthetic transformation along with added rooms and functionality
Project's architect: Alistair Lucks via Studio Verticale
Design & Product Sourcing: Studio Verticale
Build-out: It’s All in Details
Overall duration: 8 months start to finish

Originally we met the client through her realtor, who had just seen a completed loft renovation we had implemented for a previous client.  Impressed with our work on that project, she invited us to meet with her client at her newly purchased loft.  This client was interested in taking this loft from its current condition into something quite unique and striking.  We would also be changing some aspects to the original floor plan. This included relocating the kitchen, and making it the centerpiece of the loft. Creating another bedroom, renovating both bathrooms, stripping and restaining the flooring, taking the old brick walls and transforming the faded pink coloring into a white washed aged look. We also restained the ceiling beams, and repainted the entire unit, walls, ceilings, window casings, in a color palette that tied everything together beautifully.

In conjunction with product specified by Studio Verticale, the client was also very active in looking for “Special” pieces that would complement the overall transformation of her new home.

The project features:

    • A state of the art rustic inspired kitchen from the Marchi Group in a combination of lacquered cabinets, stainless steel countertops and backsplash lip.
    • Modulnova suspended lacquered vanity with Carrara marble counter top and matching vessel sink.
    • Modulnova shower system comprised of tray, base, and glass enclosure with sliding door system
    • Ideagroup suspended wood veneer vanity with stone countertop provided by Modulnova top.
    • Lea Ceramiche  Italian tile.
    • Lualdi  recessed doors and jambs.
    • Italamp  sconces for guest bathroom.

Here is how our client describes her project: I hired Mila and David to refurbish a flat I purchased in the Seaport. It was a loft that needed to be converted and modernized and the renovation included new bathrooms, a new kitchen, and a total refurbishment of the brick walls, wooden floors and wooden beams in the ceiling. The conversion also included updating the plumbing and electrical systems in the entire loft and restructuring the entire space. 

They were involved in the project from the very beginning. In fact, I probably would not have purchased the loft if I had not met with them at the early stages, at which time they were excited about the potential the space provided.  

David and Mila work well together and complement each other very well. Although both have excellent artistic vision, David proved to be an excellent source of materials, while Mila was extremely capable of keeping the project under budget, on time and assured that the work was done properly. 

My project was in a style that was different from many of their previous projects. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they grasped the concept that I wanted and turned it into a reality. They were both a real pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Photo Credits: Jill Kyle