Sleeper Street Loft - New!

Location: South Boston
Clients: Finance Professional
Goal: Create a modern living environment in a completely gutted loft.
Design & Product Sourcing: Studio Verticale
Build-out: Complete Construction and other specialty trades
Overall duration: 6 months+

The client approached us after seeing photographs of our project in the same building on  When we first met onsite, the space was already bare, down to the floor substrate. The client’s goal was to create a modern abode that would express masculinity, yet be elegant. Knowing that no ordinary solutions would do, we set out to find unique pieces from our vast Italian supplier network. Aside from being unique, these solutions would have to address project needs, such as a dedicated bedroom and closet space, all the while being aesthetically pleasing and reflecting our client’s appreciation for art and finer things in life.

Upon reviewing a wide range of options, we concluded that a glass structure in the corner of the loft would be the right place for the bedroom, serving as the focal element and foundational piece for other components we would be bringing into the space. We turned to Casali, a premium Italian glass  manufacturer, knowing that they would not only be able to manifest the glass designs our client craved, but also offer continuity through complementary solutions, such as the sliding glass entrances used in the loft's other private areas.

For kitchen cabinets, we went with a light colored Modulnova cabinet line, called “Light”, characterized by a curved satin nickel handle embedded in the upper edge of the cabinet front. We introduced a small wood veneered wine rack with burnish metal uprights, positioned at the edge of the kitchen just as it transitions into the common space and a breakfast bar extension in raw wood veneer with slats. These elements enriched the overall look of the space and added warmth and texture, contributing to the desired elegance of the final design.

The new kitchen area built around the old kitchen’s infrastructure, and the bedroom glass structure created new dining and living areas that we filled with Pianca furniture made to size and color specifications.

Across from Casali bedroom structure, we put an elegant, glossy-lacquered sliding door that opens into a neatly organized, walk-through Pianca closet in a dark oak wood veneer. At the other end of the closet we put another sliding door, leading into the bathroom that has a second entrance from the hallway we created behind the kitchen. The second entrance sliding solution is identical to the first entrance one. Both play well with the bypass sliding glass doors in front of the coat closet that lines the hallway.

In our effort to keep things light and translucent whenever possible, we sought clear glass lighting fixtures. De Majo, one of our well-liked Italian glass makers, offers clear glass fixtures for every room and application. We were delighted to take advantage of their wide selection of products. As a result, clear glass fixtures by De Majo can be found in every area of the loft, creating a feeling of openness and volume.

The project features:

    • Bedroom structure and sliding doors are by Casali.
    • Walk-trough closet and coat closet components are by Pianca.
    • Kitchen cabinets, wine rack and breakfast bar extension are by Modulnova.
    • All furniture is by Pianca.
    • All lighting is by De Majo.

Photo Credits: Sam Balukonis