The "W" Residence

Location: Boston's Theater District
Clients: White collar professionals
Goal: Create on-demand privacy; improve unit's flow and storage capacity, upgrade powder room and add a unique kitchen backsplash.
Pre-construction conditions to resolve:  Insufficient storage; master suite doors not functionally conducive to the space; absence of private area for overnight guests.
Design, Product Sourcing, Project Management: Studio Verticale
Build-out: Various subcontractors supervised by Studio Verticale
Overall duration: 2 years, implemented in multiple stages 

The original owners of the unit came to us with requests for space efficient closets, window treatments, wall mounted white lacquered cabinets, with glass fronts for the living room and finally, repainting the entire unit, including doors in a different color palette than originally existed when unit was purchased. Impressed with not only the 2 closet solutions that we had created for the original owners, but all overall changes, the new owners invited us to propose a privacy solution to accommodate their occasional overnight guests. Multiple discussions took place during which other needs emerged and were gradually addressed. The privacy solution was decided to be floor to ceiling sliding partitions in frosted glass to embrace translucency while providing the needed privacy. Master suite hinged doors that opened into the usable space disrupting the flow were replaced with glass sliders complementary to the privacy solution in the main area. An additional closet/storage unit that doubles as an entertainment center was added to the master suite. Other small improvements were made to tie together the new look of the unit. The kitchen received a lacquered white glass backsplash; the powder room was upgraded to reflect the overall contemporary direction of the space with a sleek suspended vanity cabinet with companion mirror, light, cubby and storage unit above the water closet.

The project features:
  • 'Light 03' sliding partitions by Bosca Arredi in frosted glass framed in anodized aluminum. Anodized aluminum sliding rail.
  • Bosca Arredi 'Light 00' sliders in the master suite as closet and bathroom entrance.
  • Pianca 'Plana'  stand-alone matte-lacquered wardrobe with integrated dressers.
  • Pianca 'Anteprima'  wrap-around closet. Textured grey veneered finish and glossy glass fronts on drawer units.
  • 'My Seventy Plus' bathroom cabinetry and components by Idea Group for powder room.
  • FEG 'Headline' suspended wall units with glossy glass fronts

Here is how our clients describe their project: 

'It was an auspicious find that brought us together with Studio Verticale. When we bought our condo, we knew we wanted to add some kind of sliding glass partition wall to separate a guest room area. A random internet search brought me to Studio Verticale. As it turned out, they had done work already in our very unit for the previous owners, including custom closet shelving, motorized shades on all the windows, and entertainment unit, as well as pricing out a sliding glass wall similar to what we wanted. The design and installation process went so well that we decided to use Studio Verticale for numerous projects after that. We had them install similar slider doors that vastly improved flow through an awkward master closet, a beautiful powder room vanity unit, a full wall wardrobe unit for storage in the master bedroom and an all glass backsplash in the kitchen. The quality of the materials and work is top notch. David has been very helpful throughout all our renovations. Always going way above and beyond the scope of the project he's working on. Offering advice on paint colors, rug selections, furniture picks, and the list goes on. He has pride in his work and wants his skills to touch all facets of the dwelling he's involved with. They have maximized both our enjoyment and the value of our unit. I highly recommend them.'

Photo Credits: Hans Harmadi