Triptych Wall

Location: South Boston
Client(s): Finance Professionals
Goal: Create a designated space for work, media center, bar area.
Design, Product Sourcing, Project Management: Studio Verticale
Build-out & Installation: Studio Verticale's sub-contractors
Overall duration: 6 months

The clients came to us with an idea of a multi-functional wall organically integrated into their living room environment. They knew they needed a small office area, a media center with projection screen and a bar area close to their dining/bar table. They also knew that they wanted for all of those areas to be consolidated in one place, on one wall, as dictated by the furniture placement and the space limitations. Additionally, the wall had to have partitions sliding from one end to the other, that would offer an on-demand placement governed by which area is being in use.

From there, we developed a classic triptych scenario with the middle section being twice as large as the sides, allowing for a perfect panel to functional area alignment. Brick walls and cement floors guided us to a combination of wood with visible grain and satin glass on the wide sliding panels and matte lacquer finish on all interior components.

The project features:

  • Longhi frosted grey glass and grey oak extra-wide (62") sliding partitions Wind framed in anodized aluminum.
  • FEG suspended extra-long (118") storage unit Headline with flap-down fronts.
  • Salvarani wall cabinetry and countertops for office and bar compartments.

Photo Credits: Rebecca MacPherson