Slimtech Lines & Waves

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Lea Ceramiche

The Lines and Waves collection is exploring a whole new concept of surfaces, enhancing the sensory aspect they offer. Using the latest-generation Lea Slimtech laminated porcelain slabs – the result of a revolutionary technique for compacting porcelain stoneware – Norguet offers his own personal take on the surface, with horizontal and vertical patterns creating original new architectural details. The French designer's work with Lea Ceramiche will be his first approach to ceramic material and to Lea FULL HD technology, which will give him the opportunity to explore new grounds and new applications. The result of this is a series of three-dimensional line effects, which in the Lines collection create an almost natural allure, shaping a virtual landscape that joins the earth up with the skyline; while the repetition of dots characteristic of the Waves collection creates an optical effect reminiscent of waves that affords depth and movement to the surface. 

Resistant, large, flat, thin and light, easy, reliable, guaranteed, ecological.

300x100 cm
Thickness 3,5 mm reinforced with a sheet of fiberglass for wall and floor covering.

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Patrick Norguet