Manufacture: Antrax IT, Italy   Product: fireplaces


Antrax IT, a leading company in the production of radiators and fireplaces, is a cutting-edge industrial reality that uses the most advanced technologies of production and management of production processes. Situated in the hub of production in the northeast of Italy, one of the most active industrial areas in the country, the company concentrates its production in the ultra modern 11,000 m2 establishment located in an area of over 22,000 m2. Production takes place by means of automated lines and work units that have been designed and created according to Antrax IT’s specific requirements, with the aim of guaranteeing production processes of maximum quality, flexibility and speed, while never disregarding sustainability and respect for the environment.

Respecting the environment – Sustainability:

The products are varnished by means of a polymerization process involving the application of thermosetting polyester resin powders, of a thickness from 90 to 130 microns, which are then placed in ovens at a controlled temperature of 200 °C. The varnishing takes place inside the establishment, in an area of over 1500 m2, where the products are specially treated to increase the protection against corrosion and to improve their quality, resistance and durability. Antrax IT was the first European company in the sector of radiators to make use of nanotechnology in the treatment processes before the varnishing stage. Nanotechnologies allow for the removal of production residues such as phosphates, dirt, heavy metals, nitrites and nitrates – all elements that pollute and are difficult to dispose of. In addition to using nanotechnologies, Antrax IT has been self-sufficient in terms of energy since 2011, thanks to a photo-voltaic system integrated into the special shed-like roof, able to produce over 240,000 kwh/year. The roof is built at an optimal angle for the photo-voltaic panels and, at the same time, provides full light inside the building – an important way to reduce the use of artificial lighting. This is supported by a self-regulating system that responds to the light levels in the building. Thanks to this photo-voltaic system, Antrax IT helps protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, unlike energy from the network, which, even today, is predominantly produced from hydrocarbons or coal. Thanks to the photo-voltaic system Antrax IT’s production processes can guarantee low environmental impact.


In an ever evolving and highly competitive market, it is fundamental that Antrax IT aims to reach its objectives while maintaining an ethical stance and respecting its social, moral and environmental values. Antrax IT products are created with recyclable materials such as aluminum and carbon steel, which can be easily recycled at the end of their life cycle.