'Services' is our favorite topic because by the nature of its business, Studio Verticale is a service based company. Whether you are looking for a pair of slidersĀ or renovating a kitchen, our service commitment to you begins from the moment you walk into the showroom. 'Services' is what we do best and frankly it's the only thing we do, collectively speaking. From the time we open to the time we close (and often way past that) we provide various services to our clients: researching, designing, specifying, communicating, coordinating, managing, shipping, delivering, installing, to name the few most important ones.

Here is a high level list of services we provide:

Design With Product Purchase -- learn about our complimentary design services.

For Loft Owners -- learn about our highly specialized service for those seeking privacy solutions for open space environments.

Installation -- a snapshot of our installation services.

Project Management -- consider the benefits of hiring us to oversee your renovation or construction project.

If you'd like to further explore our services, we recommend starting with a showroom visit to see the product range we offer and to meet our designers. We also offer a free onsite consultation that usually follows the showroom visit.