One thing loft owners treasure the most is the openness of their home. That's why they purchased it in the first place. Not to be surrounded by walls, but to have a spacious living environment, an open space concept. That's in theory. In reality, if you are a loft owner, you know that you don't really want to be sleeping in the same room in which you cook and it's nice to have some privacy when getting dressed or getting some work done. This is where we come in and create those smart functional areas without taking away from the open feel that is so important to you. You may wonder how we accomplish it. Well, for starters, we will not propose using drywalls to create rooms: these are a loft's worst enemy. Drywalls strip lofts of their personality, making them look like any other urban condo. Instead, we'll propose rolling walls, glass structures and sliding compositions -- wall systems that will not impose or change the character of your loft but will offer the privacy in a much more visually delectable way, all the while embracing your loft's personality.

Did we just get you excited? Let's get started then. It'll be fun, we promise!